Wedlake Scholarship Advances Employee Education

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John Wedlake, M.D. began his career at Stillwater Medical as an orderly, working nights and weekends while attending Oklahoma State University. He worked his way up from cleaning rooms to a position as a scrub technician, all the while learning about different facets of healthcare and the inner workings of the hospital. During his time at Stillwater Medical, he earned five different employee scholarships to assist him in pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor. He went on to attend the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Ultimately completing a neurology residency, Dr. Wedlake made the easy decision to return home to provide improved neurologic healthcare for Stillwater area residents as well as patients from outside of Oklahoma.

Inspired by the scholarships he received, Dr. Wedlake decided to give back, creating opportunity for others by establishing the John Wedlake Family Scholarship for Stillwater Medical employees looking to pursue an advanced degree in healthcare.

“Dr. Wedlake embodies the key qualities Stillwater Medical seeks in providers serving North Central Oklahoma. As a city councilman and a returning Stillwater resident, he also understands much about the community in which he serves,” said D. Scott Petty, Executive Director of the Stillwater Medical Foundation.

“We salute Dr. Wedlake’s service to Stillwater and reinvestment in our healthcare community,” said Vic Schutte, Chairman of the Stillwater Medical Foundation.

The first John Wedlake Family Scholarship will be awarded in spring of 2019.