Join OSU football players on Friday, July 26th at Stillwater Cancer Center for an exclusive dinner that will be unforgettable. The evening is not just about fine dining and football—it's about making a difference.

Ollie Gordon, Alan Bowman, Brennan Presley, Nick Martin, Collin Oliver, Justin Kirkland, Rashod Owens, Logan Ward, Jarrett Henry and Jaelen Tucker are teaming up with Stillwater Medical Foundation on a mission to raise $200,000 for cancer care right here in Cowboy Country. Every dollar raised will directly impact the lives of those battling this relentless disease, providing vital support and resources where they are needed most.

Each $2,500 ticket is the donation. There are extremely limited quantities so we can keep the evening more personal. We want you there!

As honored guests at this event, you will be seated alongside the players as they share personal stories of how cancer has touched their lives. Several of the players have been profoundly impacted by this disease through experiences of family and friends.

Join us for this evening of philanthropy, fellowship, and Cowboy football spirit.

If you have questions, connect with Michal Shaw, Vice President of Community Outreach for Stillwater Medical and can be reached by phone at 405.747.0929 or email at

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