Randall Hospital Pharmacy Loan Repayment Program

Upon completion of your graduation requirements, should you have an interest in working in Stillwater, OK, for the Stillwater Medical Pharmacy, the Stillwater Medical Foundation offers the Randall Hospital Pharmacy Loan Repayment Program. This loan repayment incentive was created to provide assistance to a pharmacist desiring to build a career in the hospital pharmacy setting in Stillwater.

First preference for this award shall be given to a pharmacist who has been employed for a minimum of 1 year in a hospital pharmacy setting. However, any pharmacist with a minimum of 1 year of actual pharmacy practice experience may apply for this loan program.

There is a requirement to provide a minimum of five (5) years of service to the Stillwater Medical Pharmacy, to be awarded this loan program with no payback requirement. Should a recipient cease employment prior to the end of that five (5) year term a pro-rated percentage of the loan must be re-paid.