In 2020, 1 in 9 babies (11.2% of live births) was born preterm in Oklahoma.
In 2020, 1 in 12 babies (8.4% of live births) was low birthweight in Oklahoma.
In 2021, 861 babies were born at Stillwater Medical Center.


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In early 2022, SMC President & CEO Denise Webber announced that the hospital will be elevating newborn care. Within the new Women's Health Center, a Level 2 NICU will support babies born at 32 weeks or later and those newborns requiring continuous care.

Pediatrician Malinda Webb, MD says of the NICU, "We are partnering with OU Children’s to elevate the level of newborn care in our community. Not only will this help keep babies closer to home, it will also allow OU Children’s Level 4 NICU to have room for the most critical cases. This is important for families in Stillwater and surrounding areas."
"Although it is easy to see how beneficial a NICU in Stillwater would truly be for so many logical and concrete reasons, knowing the personal story of a mom who lived the experience of the current reality makes this initiative all the more worthwhile. The reality is that my story is just one of many. So many families will benefit from having immediate access to life-saving care right here at home."
-Catie MacDonald
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