Urgent Donations Needed for Patient & Staff Safety

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UPDATED 3/22/20: We are expanding our call for donations to include not only masks (as noted below) but also the following: nitrile gloves, eye protection, impermeable gowns, touch-less thermometers, hand sanitizer, and bleach or disinfectant wipes.

We are also accepting sewn face masks (pattern/info here: https://buttoncounter.com/2018/01/14/facemask-a-picture-tutorial/ — please double the mask section so that it is four layers–the pattern shows one piece folded over, or just two layers). Sewn masks will not be used for covid-19 patient care, but will allow us to save N95 respirators, etc., for critical situations.

Stillwater Medical is seeking donations from individuals and businesses of medical, industrial, and/or dust face masks to assist the front line of defense, our healthcare workers. As you may be aware, the impact of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has included a huge loss in the production of medical protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves. Additionally, fear in the general population has taken a toll on an already short supply.

We are asking anyone with face masks that they could donate to bring those to the Stillwater Medical Foundation. We are located in the Stillwater Medical Plaza at 12th & Adams Street, Stillwater. You can leave them with staff at the front door. You do not have to come all the way to our offices.

Thank you for your consideration. Whether it is one mask, 5 masks, or 10 or more, your generosity can help keep our doctors, nurses, and other staff members, in good health to care for the patients we serve each day at Stillwater Medical.