Stillwater Strong Distributes Funds

In March of 2016 the Foundation’s Stillwater Strong Committee began distributing funds to the victims and families of those tragically killed and injured at the 2015 OSU Homecoming parade. By the end of April 2016, the committee had distributed 100% of the $483,000 donated to assist victims with recovery and medical expenses. The injured included 43 victims most of whom were treated and released from Stillwater Medical without being sent a bill for services. However, nearly half of those victims had serious injuries and five were critical. Four victims passed away from the injuries they sustained.

Marvin and Bonnie Stone, who were well known to the Oklahoma State University family and Stillwater, were two of those lost that day. Lenny Stone, speaking on behalf of his family, stated that “the family decided to pay-it-forward, because that is what Bonnie and Marvin would have done.” Under the direction of the Stillwater Strong Committee those funds and funds from four other victims, approximately $48,000, were distributed to those with serious injuries, expecting a long term recovery.

Many of the seriously injured had helicopter transport bills between $35,000 and $55,000. There are only ten air ambulances in Oklahoma and eight of them made trips to Stillwater that day and a few of them made multiple flights.

Nearly 60 public, private and civic fundraising events were tracked by the Stillwater Medical Foundation to ensure the highest level of integrity in the donation transaction process. The Foundation absorbed all administrative costs associated with staff salaries, credit card donations, postage and even legal fees as another way to pay it forward. A special thanks to the Stillwater Strong Committee members and other volunteers who worked countless hours ensuring that matters were handled efficiently and with diligent care.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting the Stillwater Medical Foundation and the Stillwater Strong Fund. It has been our true honor to serve these victims and wish those still recovering a truly speedy recovery.

Future Gifts to Stillwater Strong

If you would still like to give in honor or memory of those affected, we would suggest a donation to the Stillwater Medical Emergency Room where so many received treatment that day.

Thank you for your continued dedication to our community.