Bill & Kelly Arrington Announce Scholarship

It was June 1, 1977 when Bill Arrington began his career as a pharmacist at Stillwater Medical Center. He has seen the hospital grow and change over the past 46 years. Soon after he started at Stillwater Medical, Bill was promoted as the Director of Pharmacy and continues to feel gratitude for those who encouraged him and offered guidance as his role expanded. While he officially retired, he continues to serve Stillwater Medical on an as needed or “PRN” basis. “Pharmacy Bill”, as he is endearingly called by colleagues, is also known for his dad jokes. Ask him about that next time you see him.

Bill knows first-hand about the high-quality care Stillwater Medical provides to patients and the work it takes to provide that care. He has had a front row seat to watch the system grow to meet the healthcare needs of the community.

“Neither high quality care nor needed growth can happen without financial support,” he expressed. Bill and his wife, Kelly, have been giving back as donors for 25 years. “We support the Foundation because we believe in giving back a portion of what we’ve been given. And, we believe in supporting good causes,” Bill said of their decision to give. Together, the Arrington’s want to support the team at Stillwater Medical and provide opportunities to further their education.

We are honored to announce that Bill and Kelly Arrington have established an endowed scholarship program through Stillwater Medical Foundation. With this gift, a deserving employee at any Stillwater Medical location will be chosen each year in perpetuity, starting now. Their scholarship promotes continued education and will improve patient care.

Thank you, Bill and Kelly, for choosing to invest in the future. Your gift is a legacy that will impact patients for generations to come.