A Thrill of Hope

‘Twas the end of December two-thousand twenty-two,

When OnCue announced they would name the NICU.

Cheers and claps were heard near and far,

The year was ending and this raised the bar.

The new year came round, now twenty-twenty three,

We welcomed a new colleague, her name is Carrie!

She’s a master of numbers and tells stories with spreadsheets,

She keeps things organized and financially neat.

Polly took over as Chair of the Board,

Her experience and passion is the best reward.

Three new directors said yes to a seat,

Meredith, Shayna and Jennifer, isn’t that a treat?

Our Women of Wellness gathered for brunch,

The speakers we heard really packed a punch!

Ann, Alane and Becky each spoke from the heart,

At HerStory we learned sharing is the best place to start.

We added Joe Akin to the SMF team,

Jeffery’s no longer the oldest, which makes him beam!

We’re 5 strong now, when you add the 3 ladies,

It’s a fun bunch to work with on the daily.

The high school fellows saw life in new light,

These aspiring doctors have a future that’s bright.

Youth volunteers offered their talent and time,

They donated 396 hours combined!

A ribbon cutting for surgery was held in July,

It was a way to thank donors and remember the “why”.

You are the reason we do what we do,

And yes, it really does spark with you.

The fall kicked off with the Tin Cup Golf Classic,

It broke records and was totally fantastic!

Thunder and lightning caused slight delay,

But just in time the clouds cleared away.

It wouldn’t be Homecoming without a full lot,

The StillStrong Fundraiser sold all the spots.

Over 19 thousand was raised that day,

To benefit the ER in a remarkable way.

The Gala was one we’ll never forget,

The 40th year deserved a quartette!

The guests were dressed in ruby red glam,

The entire evening was a grand slam.

Spaces were named and scholarships granted,

Because of your gifts, healthcare’s expanded.

Each cent, every dollar, it all adds to something,

The purpose is people, that’s what you’re funding

Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season. With gratitude, Your Stillwater Medical Foundation Team:
Joe Akin, Michal Shaw, Rachel Ebert Leslie, Jeffery Corbett, Carrie Wilhelm and Denise Webber